Michelin Power Competition

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Michelin Power Competition

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Michelin Power Competition Folding Tyres

Race compound
for better performance and grip

Minimal energy is lost as the rubber deforms during riding, without compromising grip.

An increase of 10 WATTS* per pair of tires or an average of 40 seconds gained when riding 40km at an average speed of 45 km/h.

Aramid Protek brings you better protection

Aramid is stronger than traditional materials and is much more puncture-resistant. 13% greater puncture resistance on the tire summit compared to PRO4 Service Course - summit breaking test, Wheel Energy 4/2015


Disc Brake Ready

Improved grip for more speed around corners. +10% traction grip / +35% lateral grip (compared to its closest competitor, Wheel Energy, 4/2015). Disc Brake Ready allows for more efficient braking.


Go faster and further, without working harder!


*45km/h, over 40km - total weight of 80kg compared to PRO4 Service Course, Wheel Energy test, 4/2015

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