Light Blue Urban Cycles

Light Blue Urban Cycles

Light Blue Urban Cycles

The Light Blue Urban Bicycle

The Light Blue bicycles began life way back in 1895, when John Albert Townsend produced hand built bicycles for the wealthy members of Cambridge University.

These custom made machines were produced in a converted dairy in Norfolk Street in the city at a rate of around six bicycles per week.

The Light Blue brand name was inspired by the World famous university's sporting 'colours'.

To celebrate the new centenary in 1900 and to promote his shop and bicycles, John made his own track bike, painted Red, White and Blue featuring a custom-made, 100 tooth chainwheel. John rode this bike until his death in 1942 and it remains a treasured possession of the family to this day.

From 2006 a range of lightweight, quality city bikes for the Cambridge market and beyond were designed and manufactured bearing the Light Blue name using Aluminium alloys.

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