Kali Protectives

Kali Protectives

Kali Protectives

Kali Protectives Helmets

What started in a test lab a decade ago as a quest to evolve traditional helmet construction is now the benchmark in helmet engineering.

Why Kali?

Kali Protectives came from a significant breakthrough in helmet safety technology - Composite Fusion™, a process that bonds the helmet shell and EPS foam, enabling us to use a thinner shell creating a lighter and stronger helmet. No safety technology exists that can completely prevent injury, but we can significantly reduce the chance of trauma. Are we as helmet manufacturers doing enough? The more we learn and the more we understand, the better protective gear we can provide to our athletes. That is our goal - to deliver the absolute best available protection to riders.

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The DANU is a lightweight, eco-friendly helmet packed with features geared towards the avid commuter.

£49.95 *

The KALI JAVA E-BIKER helmet is designed specifically for the electric bike, it will suit all your urban journeys, even the fastest ones.

£139.95 *

Proven Kali protection in a lightweight stylish full face helmet, the ZOKA is tough to beat.

The CHAKRA Plus helmet. With Composite Fusion, a lower polycarbonate wrap and an integrated bug liner for those fast turns you just earned

£44.95 *
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