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JetBlack 2/3-Bike Boot Rack

Designed to lift your bikes clear of the lights and number plate, this rack promotes safety and keeps you legal.

£34.95 *
Old price £64.99
In stock

S1 Sport Trainer + Lite App

The simple rectangular-section steel frame, metal roller, magnetic resistance engine and small flywheel come assembled.

£89.95 *
Old price £109.99

JetBlack Trainer Mat

Heavy duty and designed to protect your floor from wear and perspiration while you train.They absorb vibrations making indoor sessions quiet

£49.95 *
Old price £54.99
In stock

JetBlack Riser Block

JetBlack Riser Blocks for road or MTB . To raise the front wheel of your bike at an optimum height and secure it

£12.95 *
In stock

Jetblack Training Skewer

This JetBlack skewer replaces your expensive lightweight skewer while you are turbo training.

£9.95 *
In stock

Dual Band Speed/Cadence Sensor

connectavle via Bluetooth Smart and ANT+™ it is compatible with most apps, smartphones, watches and cycle computers
£49.95 *
Old price £59.95
In stock

R1 Training Rollers + App

JetBlack products are highly technical, offering innumerable advantages over similar training models.

£189.99 *

Jet Black Sweat Net

A simple device to help you protect your frame and bike components from corrosive perspiration during excercise.

£20.95 *
In stock
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