Performance Athlete

Performance Athlete

How ISM came to be known as the most comfortable bike seat in the world.

ISM™ is the brainchild of Steve Toll, an avid cyclist and swimmer living in Tampa, Florida. In the winter of 1997, following yet another painful bike ride with his wife, Laura, Steve sketched out a design for a seat he thought could eliminate, or at least reduce, the discomfort most riders experience on a traditional bike saddle.  By 1999, with some assistance from his family, the concept was patented.  That patent marks a significant milestone for an industry that hasn’t seen a major saddle change in decades.

Over the years, ISM™ seats have helped propel Ironman wins, Olympic medals, Road Racing podium appearances, and countless age group victories.  Pros and amateurs alike are finding riding and competing enjoyable again due in large part to riding the world's most comfortable bike seat.

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ISM Performance MTB Saddle

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ISM PR 1.0 Saddle

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ISM PR 2.0 Saddle

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ISM PR 3.0 Saddle

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ISM PS 1.0 Saddle

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ISM PN 1.0 Saddle

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ISM PN 1.1 Saddle

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ISM PN 3.0 Saddle

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Old price £159.95
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