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Photochromic Bi Focal Lens Cycling Glasses

Available with the magnification options of +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50.

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OZ Photochromic

The lenses will change from Clear Cat0 pre-dawn or low light to Dark grey Cat3 as the sun intensifies and the UV increases

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Completely RX-able frame. The frame is slightly smaller than the PHO and works with most prescription strengths.



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BZ Optics PHO Mirrored Cycling Glasses

PHO Glasses with Mirrored Lenses (no magnification)

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Water bottle with BZ Optics logo-a matching accessory for the unique eyewear developed by Scott Birdsall and Kevin Barr

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BZ optics glasses with a photochromic feature means you can have 1 set of hassle free RIDING glasses…. whatever the lighting conditions.

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This Hi Definition Copper coloured lens will change from Cat1 pre dawn or low light to dark Cat3 as the sun intensifies and the UV increases

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Delivery weight: 140 g
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BZ Optics

BZ Optics - unique eyewear was developed by Scott Birdsall -an avid cyclist, canoeist, sailor and triathlete and Kevin Barr a surfer and sailor with 40 years experience in the action sport and sunglass business, in conjunction with one of the world’s most advanced sunglass design teams and manufacturers.

Scott needed a sunglass that he could train in at all hours of the day. A lens that would be clear before dawn or in very low light conditions but would darken as the day progressed and UV intensified. This sunglass should also enable Scott (who wears reading glasses) to read his digital computer on his handlebars and small print on his watch while running  without the need to switch to reading glasses.

The idea came to Scott and Kevin after Kevin’s company Barz Optics  enjoyed great success in the marine industry with their  specialized polarised sunglasses with small bi focal readers in the base of the lens. But the early morning athlete required a more complex photochromic lens with more applications.

Sourcing a photochromic lens with optional bi focal inserts involved a 12 month, world wide search. This world first lens was sent to Kevin’s frame manufacturer to develop a super light weight cycling frame adaptable for all face shapes and sizes and for wearer comfort under even gruelling conditions.

The resulting BZ sports glass features:

-        Lightweight flexible frame with dual moulded non slip temples.

-        Adjustable non slip nose piece for comfort and fit making them ideal for a wide range of face shapes and sizes.

-    Small clips which make changing lenses effortless.

BZ’s Pho model is a world first action sport sunglass fitted with Photochromic bi focal reader lenses. The lens is clear of Cat 0 in no light and darkens to Cat 2 in full sun. Lens magnification options are +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50.

The Pho is available fitted with blue mirror standard lenses or photochromic (without the bi focal).

Frame options are :

White with blue nose piece, lens clips and dual moulded temples.

Graphite with grey nose piece, lens clips and dual moulded temples.

Fluoro Yellow with grey nose piece, lens clips and dual moulded temples.

While the glasses were originally developed for cycling they are ideal for many other applications and sports.

These include:

·      Golf – being able to read or write on a score card or while playing in low light situations.

·      Driving – being able to view a  Speedo, GPS, map, the radio, clock or other instrumentation night or day.

·      Motorcycling – the glasses fit comfortably under a full face or open face helmet and allow the rider to read all instruments night or day.

·      Running – reading GPS and HRM.

·      Orienteering – reading maps, a compass or GPS.

·      Trekking or walking – reading maps or a GPS.

·      Building or construction ideal for inside or outside reading plans and measuring, viewing fine work.

·      Sailing – while the glasses are not polarised they are ideal for those who wear glasses to read while competing in overnight ocean racing etc.

·      And after training - reading the café menu.

All while providing full eye protection from UV and maximum comfort.