Balance Bikes, Scooters & Early Years

Balance Bikes, Scooters & Early Years

Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are designed to teach very young children how to balance and steer.Children learn to balance by simply sitting on the bike and pushing themselves along with their feet. Soon they begin to scoot along with both feet off the ground, learning how to steer and balance as they gain confidence. When they are older, they can frequently master a regular pedal bike without needing stabilisers to get them going.


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The PUKYlino® offers high stability and is ideal for learning the first movement sequences for children from one year old.

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The front swing axle of the PUKY® WUTSCH® allows a flat steering angle and stabilizes the vehicle with smaller obstacles

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Whether on the way to school or just scooting around, a ride on the new Puky Scooter range is great fun!

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"PUKYMOTO closes the gap between a four-wheeled sliding vehicle and a two-wheeled running wheel.

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