Locks and security

Locks and security

Locks and security

Locks and Security

Don't ever leave your bike anywhere without locking it up. Ensure it's adequately secured by using ground anchors, heavy duty chain locks and shackle locks to secure you bike at home and carry a lighter lock such as a cable lock or D lock with you to keep it safe when you're out and about.

D locks provide the best security but a lightweight mini D-Lock is easier to carry. For the best security, consider using a combination of two different locks, such as a D lock around the frame and a cable lock through your wheels.


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High Security Chain Lock

The Oxford LK140 is one of the most secure locks for your bike and can be combined with a grounf anchor for extra security

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Oxford Arma20 LK283 Armoured Cable Lock (Clear)

The Oxford Arma 20 comes with a high tensile steel core protected by hardened steel rollers and an interwoven stainless steel casing.

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