Michelin Bicycle Tyres - The Way Forward

Advanced Technology tyres benefit from superior performance thanks to the special nature of their tread patterns and rubber compounds (GUM-X series) or their casing architecture (ex Reinforced Technology).

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An increase of 10 WATTS* per pair of tires or an average of 40 seconds gained when riding 40km at an average speed of 45 km/h.

£34.99 *

Improved performance, an increase of 8.6 watts per pair of tyres or an average of 34 seconds gained over 40km at an average speed of 45km/h

£34.99 *

Michelin Power ALL SEASON A tyre designed for riding in difficult conditions. Go faster and further, without working harder!

£34.99 *

The sport tyre with a rigid bead The MICHELIN Dynamic Sport is a tough tyre with excellent grip.

£11.95 *

An everyday resistant tyre. The MICHELIN Dynamic Classic is known as the perfect everyday tire, both for its strengh and its longevity.

£10.99 *

The MICHELIN Air Comp inner tube is made with latex for outstanding puncture resistance and protection against pinch shock .

Old price £13.95
£9.95 *

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MICHELIN LITHION 2 - Perfect for training. It features a flexible bead for performance, endurance and grip.

£19.95 *

The MICHELIN PROTEK MAX inner tube features a self-repair liquid sealant for the ultimate in safety

Old price £8.95
£6.95 *

The folding sport tyre - The MICHELIN Dynamic Sport is a tough, everyday tyre with excellent grip.

£15.95 *
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